Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dating and Food

Dating and food are a standard combination, which is often served with scrutiny. Personally, as a self-proclaimed foodie and female, I find myself using food as a character judgment, for both females and males. For instance, boring men usually order simple and plain dishes. Adventures men lean towards spicy, and creative men go for something obscure, just because it sounded interesting. I, for one, prefer a combination of spicy and obscure.

Also, the way one eats is scrutinized. I'm not worried about chowing down on some pasta or steak on my first date, rather I'm concerned with how I look while eating. When I was 14 years old, I went on a date with my then boyfriend (if you can even call it that at that age) and his family, who I was meeting for the first. We went out for sushi--a very LA choice of eatery. If done right sushi can be eaten beautifully and delicately, but I was 14 with braces and queen of embarrassing moments, which unfortunately, I haven't grown out of like my braces. I ordered octopus sushi--a typically difficult type of sushi to bite into, especially with the railroad tracks orthodontically cemented on my teeth. I was thus, faced with a dilemma--do I eat that piece of sushi in one large and pig-ish bite, or do I go for it and attempt to saw through it with my metallic choppers? I chose the latter of the two options. Naturally, I failed miserably and looked like a challenged dog trying to eat a bone. During my very public struggle with the octopus, my then boyfriend indiscreetly turned to me and said, "Um, do you need help with that?" No, I didn't need help with that, thank you very much! We broke up shortly after the sushi incident.

So a word of advice to all women (and men), who have gotten it wrong for years, with ordering healthier food in hopes of boosting their attractiveness. Don't worry about how unhealthy your dinner choice is, in fact, the more interesting the better, but worry about how you look while eating it. If there is one thing I learned in PR, is that it's all about presentation and packaging--something I wish I would have known at age 14.

Narcissistically yours,


  1. Hogwash! Drivel! Nothing is better than a significant other covered in delicious food.

    Kissing off bits of bbq sauce, milk mustaches, slurping-kissing with connected noodled, and who can ignore the banana split!

    Awkward food on face at fancy restaurants = best date moments.


  2. And octopus tentacle stack flirtatiously between the teeth is just the best aphrodisiac ever!

  3. Yes I can read your blog now. No I did not have access to it prior to today hence my comments about ordering adventurously were 100% honest. Crazy.