Monday, January 3, 2011

Because I am feeling nostalgic

I recently paid my very first student loan out of many more to come, and as I watched my bank account whimper with that transaction, I can't help but to look back on my undergraduate days at Sarah Lawrence College. They were some of the most challenging, yet most rewarding experiences I have had to date. In tribute of that time in my life I am posting two poems I wrote my freshman year. It was the only time I dabbled in writing poetry and I think it will be my last, because I am clearly not a poet. I know I haven't really written about food yet, and I promise I will in my next post, but in honor of nostalgia here they are.

Narcissistically yours,

Spiral Bound Divinity

My mother told me never look into the sun.
The afternoon I did,
Helios threw poison-tipped spears
through the pupils of my eyes.

Spirals released and attached
like the jaws of a leach breaking
pure flesh. I whisper the words it wants me to
mumble. I am just an accidental Hermes.

Homemade h-bombs drop
on my coincidental curse of the divine.
The only thing that limps away are cockroaches
with oedipal crosses branded on their wings.

Now it is just me and them
stuck in a world inside of itself.
The tread of this life is set
to the tempo of my cerebral pulse.

This stolen gift is my demise.
It claws for nourishment.
Skull swells at each jab.
I am not your keeper.
Drilling the spirals out of my brain
to show allegiance to the norm.


Tin can grin
spits empty syllables,

your misty morning dreams
swallowed me whole.

I danced.
You watched.

The stems from our palms entangled,
while we marched on the edge of the sun.

Your mistress
holds you tighter

than I ever could.
Enwraps you with

her long red locks.
I stand idly.

You made your choice,
now I have made mine.

My hero, my love,
you are now

among fish bones
washed up on the shore.

You lay comatose
with your dreams beside you,

I walk away
with no tears.

I do not waste them on the foolish.


  1. Dark teenage years:) Reminds me of your bookshelves contents. On the other hand, perfect reflection of life in the Oakview Castle. Back to food now?

  2. Back to food indeed. I have some fun food-related posts I am plotting at the moment.